We created Pillowtalk because choosing a gift can be tough. Everyone wants a gift to be meaningful, personal and useful – but that is easier said than done. So we got to thinking, many of our friends are creative and appreciate art. ALL of our friends own pillows. Thus, Pillowtalk was born. For us, Pillowtalk is a simple gift that we can give to friends of any age.

The best part about Pillowtalk is how it all comes together. We work from our warehouse in Ybor City, Florida – a unique hub of artists, chickens and pirates. But we get to collaborate with artists from all over who bring their own sense of style to the project. Collectively, they allow us to include a wide range of unique artwork so you can always find an image that ‘says’ something personal.

It may be a silly tagline but it just happens to be true. Everyone has a pillow. Everyone loves Pillowtalk!