• Do you sell to the public?
      We are sale representatives and sell to the trade only. If you are interested in finding a store near you that carries one of our lines please email us at sales@roadrunnersllc.com and we will try our best to find a store near you.
    • What is your minimum order?
      Each line/manufacturer has a different minimum opening and reorder amount. The average opening order is approximately $250.00
    • What is your lead time?
      This depends on which Manufacturer you order from. On average, our Manufacturers ship between 3 to 6 weeks.
    • What types of payment do you accept?
      We do not process any payments directly. We send your payment information to the Manufacturer direct. All of our Manufacturers accept VISA and MASTERCARD. Some Manufacturer’s accept COD, American Express, or Proforma. Manufacturer’s that accept terms usually require a customer to apply for terms after 1-3 orders have been prepaid with a Credit Card. Please note, not all manufacturers give terms.
    • What are your best sellers?
      Product sales vary by area and Manufacturer. For more information be sure to ask your local rep or contact us directly.
    • How do I order?
      There are a few options:

        • Call your local rep to place the order over the phone or to schedule a visit.
        • Visit the Road Runners LLC website and click Shop Now. Sign up or sign in to your Brandwise Passport and connect with us. Once complete, you’ll be all set to shop our lines!
        • Visit any of our showrooms during market season and our staff will be happy to help you with your order. We’re in Atlanta, Dallas and Vegas.
      • Have questions about a previous order? Call 888-674-6349 or email sales@roadrunnersllc.com
  • Can I visit the showroom?
    Absolutely, we encourage it! Call 888-674-6349 to make sure we’ll be open during your visit.
    • How can i submit my product for representation?
      The best way to submit your line for possible representation is to complete this form.